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    2019 Registration


    Parent's becoming certified in a NWAL Certified position (Officials, Clerk of Course, etc.) and actively fulfilling those roles during the season can receive one free swimmer registration to be rebated at the end of the season. You must work at least 3 meets in the position to be eligible to receive the rebate.

    NEW FOR 2019: 

    Swimmers ages 15 to 18 that swim with the Marlins at least 2 dual meets are eligible for a FULL registration rebate. We encourage families with swimmers in this age group to pay by check for these swimmers and those checks will be held by the Treasurer until they have completed their 2nd dual meet.  The check for their fee would then be returned.  If they do not complete the 2 meet requirement, the check will be cashed. Note that free swimmers do not count towards the multi-swimmer discount.

    We look forward to having you join The Woodlands Marlins and are excited for another great season!

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    ​Hold Harmless Waiver

    In consideration of my child's right to participate in the Woodlands Marlins Summer Swim Team, on behalf of ourselves and our child(ren), we hereby release, waive, and agree to hold harmless the Woodlands Marlins Summer Swim Team and the CISD Natatorium, and their respective coaches, members, directors, employees, organizers, and parent volunteers, for any and all liability claims, legal actions, and demands of any nature whatsoever which may arise from or in connection with the swim team or related activities.

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    Volunteer Requirements

    In order to have a fun and successful summer swim season for all participants, it is essential that The Woodlands Marlins have the full support of the swimmers’ parents to perform critical functions which enable us to hold our swim meets. Accordingly, the parents of each swimmer will be required to perform their “fair share” of service duties during the season. We expect each swimmer’s family to work at least ONE shift during any meet that the swimmer participates in. This requirement may be adjusted – depending on the final number of families swimming. I understand that a failure to meet my service responsibilities will result in my swimmer or swimmers not being allowed to participate in swim meets.

    New for 2019: Any family that has a swimmer QUALIFY for the Trinity invitational meet will be required to pay a $75 Volunteer Deposit to be held by the Treasurer and will be returned once the family has completed their mandatory volunteer shift.  This ensures that we have enough volunteers to be able to run the meet in an efficient and safe manner.  

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