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Team Suits

The Marlins team suits are worn to all swim meets. They are optional, but recommended. This year, the girls’ suits are $27 and boys’ jammers are $19. 

Our team suits are available at “Swim Shops" located in the Conroe ISD Natatorium. Enter the lobby, and the shop is a room on the left side. Hours are still reduced for COVID, but the Shop just opened up more time: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 11-6 and Saturday 10-2. The shop has also agreed to open during Marlin Mania on May 8. 

Entering and parking at the Natatorium

Covid-19 vaccines are being distributed in the Woodforest Stadium parking lot, which is where the Natatorium is located. We understand there has been a large amount of traffic and confusion related to the vaccinations taking place in the parking lot. In an effort to assist, CISD has created dashboard signage that can be displayed to help law enforcement recognize that you are attempting to get to the Natatorium and are not in the vaccination line. See a parking map here.

Natatorium traffic should always approach and enter from the South. This would be from Research Forest/Tamina Road, around and behind Home Depot and down David Memorial Drive. All vehicles that are stopped should communicate with law enforcement that they are headed to the Natatorium and the signage can help them to recognize this. Everyone still needs to stop, and to obey instructions from law enforcement at all times.

Traffic related to the vaccines is usually winding down by the time Marlins practices begin so there should not be significant traffic, but we wanted to let everyone know the situation before you get to the parking lot for the first time.