Trinity Invitation Hospitality

    Dear Marlins Families--

    Our annual Trinity Invitational Swim Meet is coming up in two weeks, June 25th and 26th--and is a major fundraiser for the team! Proceeds from this meet help to keep swimmer registration fees lower than the actual cost. The Marlins will provide hospitality for all the coaches and officials that work the meet, which means providing breakfast and lunch for approximately 150 people on both days, as well as snacks and beverages. Starbucks, Another Broken Egg, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Jason's Deli are providing generous donations to Trinity. The Marlins will be filling in the remaining needs. Please look at the sign up link below and see if you are interested in donating one or more items on this list. Thank you!!


    Please note: these donations are not in lieu of volunteering--we will need all hands on deck!! As stated in previous emails, please plan on working at least one shift per family even if you do not have a swimmer participating in this meet. This is our big one! :) 

    Kind regards,

    Nicoli Anderson


    (703) 342-8514

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