Canceling the 2020 summer season

    A message from our president on our 2020 summer season: 

    I hope everyone is staying safe as we all learn new ways to deal with the environment in which we find ourselves. 

    On April 14, 2020, NWAL voted to cancel the season. What this means is that if there is no summer swim team season this year. The vote was 19-3 in favor of canceling the season to protect the health of the families and communities and the health of NWAL finances. 

    Therefore, I am sorry to say but we will not be having the Marlins swim season this year. This is heartbreaking news, but the 2021 season will be even better since there will be so much anticipation. 

    With that being said we have a few housekeeping items to close out this season. 

    1.We have to elect a board for the 2021 season. Following are the current board and positions. All current board members are willing to come back next year and serve again, but if anyone would like to run for one of the positions please let me know. We will leave this open until April 24, 2020 at which point, we will email out a ballot for you to vote on the current board. Your participation is appreciated as this ensures that we will have a properly elected board for 2021. 

    • President: Samantha Goss 
    • Vice President: Donnie Graves 
    • Team Representative: Heather Luscomb 
    • Clerk of Course: Mindy Lara 
    • Treasurer: Shea Maddox 
    • Registrar: Stefanie Ciabattari 
    • Secretary: Nicoli Anderson 
    • Community Outreach: Jayme Meyer 
    • Fundraising Director: Paras Rana 

    2.We will begin issuing registration fee refunds, but before we do the board requests you consider donating a portion of your Marlins dues so that we can pay our head coaches. The Marlins is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and can provide a donation letter for your 2020 tax return. If you are interested in donating your registration fees; please contact myself or our treasurer Shea Maddox at treasurer@thewoodlandmarlins.org and let him know what amount you want to donate. We understand many are going through financial difficulties so there is not an obligation to make a donation. If we don't receive a response by May 15, 2020, we will assume you want a full refund and will issue a refund. 

    Please send in any nominations for the board and let us know if you want a full refund or intend to donate a portion of your already paid dues. 

    We appreciate your interest in the Marlins this season and look forward to seeing all of you next year in 2021. 

    Stay safe and say a little prayer for our Nation as we continue to battle this horrible disease. 

    Samantha Goss, President

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